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About Us

 To implement ministry of finace and ministry education's requirement of higher university innovation capability program,to aim at serious and complicated regional complex pollution of our contry and to grab the  oppotunity of the scietific breakthough,'Solving China's environmental issues will become top class in the world',so Tsinghua University as leader,collaborating with Peking Univeersity,Nanjing University,Tongji University,Research Center of Eco-Environmental Science and Chinese Academy of Environmental Science,established Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Evironmental Quality(CICREQ).Our purpose is gathering top-quality scentific and educational sources to develop academic capability,talent cultivation and scientific research as "Trinity" construction.Focused on the key scientific problems in regional environmental process,our center tried to reveal the sources and reasons of regional complex pollution by quantifying healthy effects caused by complex pollution and constructed the techniques and principles in continueously improvement of materials/energy flow for supporting regional environmental quality.According to the basic theory and method on regional complex pollution, our targets are discovering great achievement to lead in international and construct CICREQ as scholarly basement of environmental science with original technique innovation ability. Additionally, CICREQ will concentrate on imporving the basic researching level of relatively environmental major and international competitiveness and supporting scientific techniques and high-level human resources for China's environmental quality and construction of ecological civilization.

   Center in the principle, "complementary advantages, collaborative innovation, and common development, solving urgent and striving for world-class", carry out collaborative innovation. Our center set up several groups led by Principal investigater focusing on these drections to strat collaborative innovation research:(1)Heterogeneous phase causes of haze (2)Nitrogen cycle and transformation principles (3)envrionmental processing mechanism of persistent pollutant (4)Healthy effects caused by complex pollution (5)Regulating-Controlling Principles of regional environmental material/energy flow. 

CICREQ depended on national important researching project to support fully implementation of collaborative innovation tasks. Our mainly targets are to achieve special unifying management, recruiment and evaluation for globle talents,joint training program for capability improvement and open academic resource sharing for establishing long-term system and machenism for collaborative innovation and promoting construction of world-class environmental studies.