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According to new tasks,Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Environmental Quality (CICREQ) had  five education plans to cultivate students to fit national demand.

(1) Bachelor-Master-Doctor curriculum system

Based on different age students'basic knowledge and learning habbit,we designed Bachelor-Master-Doctor curriculum system and established cultivation mode from undergraduate to postgraduate. We prepared to open summer programs to revolute teaching method and strated  visiting study system among the several universities,including Tsinghua University, Peking University,Tongji University and Nanjing University.

(2)Excellent undergraduate student cultivation plan

We will focus on personality and interests of undergraduate students to construct educational system and implement supervising tutorial and flexible individualized cultivation plan.During undergraduate study, CICREQ will offer opportunity for excellent students to shortly exchange overseas and organize high-level summer school to attract international exchanging students. We have already ran this plan and recuieted 40 excellent undergraduate students in 2013. 

(3) High-level master student combing cultivtion

 By breaking boundry of each universities, CICREQ will construct combining cultivation system.The master students of our center can rotate among universities and enjoy mutual recognition of acdemic credit.We also made flexible length of learning,standard of graduation and dgree requirement. Meanwhile, CICREQ set up scholar ship to attract international students and increased the ratio of overseas students.

(4)Improvement of Innovation capability

CICREQ will open summer school in rotation to enhance students'innovation capability and knowledge structure.2012 summer school was held by Peking University and the one in 2013 was held by Tsinghua University. Additionally, we held environmental conferences.

(5) Internationlization of talent cultivation 

Tsinghua University officially recuited 19 international students on 2013,and started experimental teaching in international class of globa environment.

 Regional Environmental and Sustainable Development Certificate Program(RESD): this program was started by Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Kyoto University,  The University of Tokyo,Tohoku University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) and Pohang University of Science and Technology. This program was proposed to organize educational resources of top universities in China, Korea and Japan and offered the sharing educational platform to cultivate talents in environment.We used the E-learning method to teach students and helped them to comprehend regional environmental issues and sustainable theory.

Internationl summer school: To enhance understanding of Africa's eco-environment and water resources and improve globle envrionment protection, CICREQ held international summer school and send students to Africa to learn. The main purposes of summer school program were to understand dringking water treatment and waste water treatment in Africa,and investigate the environmental element in Kenya.