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Collaborative Innovation Center for regional Environmental Quality (CICREQ)is based on the principles,collaboration and sharing, and has achieved amazing success and breakthrough.

Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Environmental Quality (CICREQ)has kept avtive for international collaboration. Recently, it generally started to lead several research programs between Chinese instutuition and international academic groups. Tong Zhu, Kebin He and Aijun Ding, members of CICREQ, promoted, Global Emissions InitiAtive(GEIA), International Global Atmospheric Chemistry(IGAC) and Integrated Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Processes Study, these three organization to establish their branch in China.

The branch of IGAC in China was established in March 2012. Additionally, its leader group was Peking University and others were Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, Research Center of Eco-environmental Science and Chinese Rearch Academy of Environmental Science. The main targets were developing atmospheric chemistry and its relatively research and academic commucation in China.

The branch of GRIA in China was build up in July, 2013. The leader group was Tsinghua Univerisity and other members were Peking University, Nanjing University and Chinese Rearch Academy of Environmental Science. The major tasks were to construct database of pollution resource discharge and comparative evaluation system, to promote academic exchange and to improve Chinese scientists' researching capability in pollution resource discharge.

The branch of iLEAPS in China was set up in Apirl,2013, which was led by Nanjing University. Other main members were Tsinghua University, Peking University, Research Center of Eco-environmental Science and Chinese Rearch Academy of Environmental Science.This group'researches focused on physics between terrestrial ecosystem and atmosphere, geochemistry process and material /energy cycle.

“Green City and Sustainable Development” China-Africa Mayors Forum was held in Tongji University. Mayors from China and African cities agree that both China and Africa benefit from the key experiences shared through South-South Cooperation, and they will urge the African leaders to establish guidelines and a framework to integrate sustainability into decision making, redirect their public investment towards greener sectors, create green and descent job opportunities for the youth in the course towards Post-2015 Development Agenda.

      This forum is a high-level segment for the Workshop on Planning for Greener Cities and South-South Cooperation in Africa. The forum aims to share experience and integrate resources on the dimensions of urban planning, ecological protection, infrastructure development, green investment and new energy utilization.

  Scholarly Activity

    For enhancing academic conmunication, CICREQ made several academic activity mechanism and started these activities.

    Conferences about environment was open to all the faculty and students, and randomly invited famous scholars to give lectures.

    Workshops were about monthly meeting of each researching group and open to students. The Principle Investigators of CICREQ would be invited to each workshop as main speaker.