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The resources of Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Environmental Quality(CICREQ) is used for conducting academic activities that needs human,finance,materials and all other kinds of scholarly elements. They are including faculty group, student resources, technical support, management services, researching programs,scietific facilities and books for research.

Human resource.According to CICREQ's plan and regulation, we,through double employment system, organized excellent members as our researching main unit. Based on curriculum of the center, each unit started to exchange teachers and recruit students following unified standards, collaboratively cultivate students and encourage double-supervisor system for graduate students. 

Researching program.CICREQ will arrange the support from government and relatively researching program resources. The researchers of our center can jointly apply researching projects of excutive department, for example the projects from Ministry of Education.The center is quite actively establishing researching team to undertake national researching plans and engineering.

Material resources and Facilities. Each member of our center will open reseaching facilities for researchers and pay for the usage charges.For avoiding repeatly purchase, public platform of CICREQ has to get permissions of council and the management committee and be through disscussion of steering committee, when we need new facilities and devices.